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Trans Himalaya, was founded in 1989 by Dr Gyurme Dorje, a London-based Tibetologist, and it was the first travel company to offer comprehensive itineraries throughout the Tibetan plateau, including all three traditional provinces: Utsang, Kham and Amdo. We also offer special itineraries in Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia, China, India and SE Asia.

We specialise in carefully designed and customised itineraries which reflect our clients’ diverse interests: Tibetan Buddhism, art, botany, ethnic festivals, filming, photography, horse-riding, cycling, self-driving, trekking, and mountaineering. Trans Himalaya attracts clients from all continents, and particularly from Europe and North America.

On the ground, our groups are escorted by experienced local guides who generally speak English, Tibetan and Chinese, although German, French, and Japanese speaking guides can also be provided. When required, groups may additionally be accompanied by our director or other Tibetologists in person.

Tibet Handbook

Trans Himalaya’s travel programme has expanded in recent years consequent on the publication in 1996 of Dr Dorje’s Tibet Handbook (Footprint Handbooks/ Passport Books, 1996). All the itineraries recommended and described in detail throughout the Handbook are offered by Trans Himalaya. The second edition of the Handbook was published in July, 1999, the third edition in October 2004, and the fourth in May 2009. The first edition of a separate Bhutan Handbook was also published in October, 2004, with the second edition following in 2010.


Our prices compare favourably with those of our competitors in Europe, North America, and Asia, and security is guaranteed since all payments made to Trans Himalaya are held in a Trust Account.

We are grateful to the following friends of Trans Himalaya whose photographs and art work appear in this website:

Muhanad Al-Sultan, Basant Bajracharya, Andrei Constantinescu, Michael Farmer, Christopher Fynn, John Hooke, Jakob Leschly, Lodro Phuntsok, Steve Razetti and Richard Weller





The Tibetan plateau, with an area as large as Western Europe, embodies in its landscape, peoples and traditions a tremendous diversity and richness which cannot be assimilated in the course of a fleeting visit.

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Bhutan offers contrasting cultural and trekking experiences, from the mid-mountain belt, where Buddhist monasteries maintain their living traditions, to remote northern valleys nestling below the Great Himalayan range, and the national parks of the subtropical Duars in the south.

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Comprehensive and detailed guides to the cultural sites, festivals, trekking routes, and nature reserves of Tibet and Bhutan. Translations of original sources on Tibetan Buddhism, medicine, art, divination, ecology and lexicography.

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Trans Himalaya and CTHS are committed to highlighting awareness of environmental issues on the Tibetan plateau. While sustainable tourism is championed in Bhutan through the official socio-economic objectives of Gross National Happiness (GNH), elsewhere in the region the issues are more challenging.

For a Buddhist response to the global climate emergency, Read more

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