In addition to Trans Himalaya’s featured and fixed departures, this page suggests a number of interesting routes around which short, medium length and longer itineraries can be planned in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Mongolia, China and India. All these routes may be customised or modified to suit individual preferences and seasonal variations.

Short Tibet Tours

These model routes provide a framework for visitors to Tibet who only have time to form a brief impression of the country’s environment and historically important sites.

Grand Tibet Tours

These model journeys provide a framework for visitors to Tibet who have more time, and therefore wish to explore various aspects of Tibetan culture and the regions of Utsang, kham and Amdo in more depth.

Tibet Treks

Trekking is possible in diverse parts of the Tibetan plateau. The model journeys outlined here juxtapose cultural visits off the beaten track, with sublime trekking in the Everest region, the Kyichu-Tsangpo watershed, Mt Kawa Karpo (Southern Kham) and Derge (Eastern Kham)- but there are many more options.

Bhutan & Nepal Tours

These model journeys explore the contrasting cultural influences where the Himalayan world meets the Indian sub-continent. With the recent opening of three new airports in Bhutan-- at Jakar in Bumthang, Yongphula in Tashigang and Gelekpuk in Sarpang, it is now possible to minimize long days of driving in order to reach the central, eastern or southern parts of the country.

Sikkim & Ladakh Tours

Trans Himalaya invite you to explore these enclaves where Tibetan and Himalayan cultures have survived intact, securely under the protective aegis of India.

China & Mongolia Tours

The model itineraries outlined here are off the well-travelled tourism circuit, ranging from the Buddhist grottoes and desert panoramas of the arid north to the lush volcanic borderlands of the Yunnan-Burmese frontier.

India & SE Asia Tours

The model journeys here include pilgrimages exploring the ancient historical roots of Buddhism, in the footsteps of Shakyamuni Buddha; and insights into the subsequent evolution of Buddhism amid the intricate cultural fusions of Indo-China.

Self-Drive through Tibet

Drive your own 4X4 or motorcycle across China and the Tibetan plateau, entering and exiting through Nepal, Laos, Pakistan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, or the Chinese coastal ports.

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