Mani Wall Project

Site description derived from Tibet Handbook (Footprint, 4th edition)

The Terton Chogar monastic complex (altitude: 3,450 metres) occupies a sheltered ravine, in the grasslands of Tsekhok county in Central Amdo. The site is accessible from Repkong via Jadir, the county capital of Tsekhok, and also from Trika, south of the Yellow River.
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Murals Project

Text derived from Tibet Handbook (Footprint, 4th edition)

When, in 17th century Lhasa, the Great Fifth Dalai Lama (1617-82) and his regent Sangye Gyatso (1655-1705) constructed the Potala Palace as a monumental symbol of national unity, the excavation of mortar on the north side of the building left behind a large crater (270 metres by 112 metres in area), which soon assumed the appearance of a lake. The Dalai Lama himself is said to have sojourned on a small island in this lake. Later, his successor, Dalai Lama VI Tsangyang Gyatso (1683-1706), constructed a three-storied “temple dedicated to the nagaspirits” (Lukhang) in the Zangdok Pelristyle on this very site.
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