In addition to this season’s three featured departures (see home page for details), Trans Himalaya are running the following itineraries in Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and China. Some of them are linked into festivals; while others can also be modified to suit individual schedules or preferences.


Discover Tibet

  • 8 Days of touring

Grand Cultural Tour of Tibet

  • 13 days of touring

Chengdu to Lhasa Overland, with Derge trek

  • 26 days of touring & trekking

Sacred Dances and Nomadic Festivals of Eastern Tibet

  • 25 days of touring
  • Accompanied by a Trans Himalaya Tibetologist

Mt Kailash and Guge: Vaishakh Full Moon Pilgrimage

  • 20 days of cultural pilgrimage & trekking

Ngari and the Jangtang Plateau

  • 26 days of touring & trekking


Heartlands of Drukyul

  • 7 days of touring

Cultural Trekking in Bumtang

  • 12 days of touring

Grand Cultural Tour of Bhutan

  • 17 days of touring


Buddhist Heritage of Nepal

  • 7 days of touring

Nepal Highlights

  • 7 days of touring

Annapurna Sanctuary Trek

  • 20 days of touring & trekking

The Kingdom of Mustang

  • 20 days of touring & trekking


The Cultural Heritage of the Silk Road

  • 24 Days of Touring
  • With Beijing, Kuqa, Kashgar, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Wuwei,

The Ethnic Heritage of Yunnan and Guizhou

  • 21 Days of Touring
  • With Dali, Lijiang, Gyeltang, Guiyang, Kaili, Leishan,
    Zhaoxing, Guilin…

Buddhist Culture of the Chinese Heartlands

  • 29 Days of Touring
  • With Beijing, Chengde, Datong, Mt Wutai, Pingyao,
    Gongyi, Kaifeng, Qufu…

Roots of Classical China

  • 15 Days of Touring
  • With Beijing, Datong, Mt Wutai, Pingyao, Luoyang…

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