“Your logistics as usual were faultless, the car well adapted, and the driver excellent-- prudent, flexible and reliable. The hotels were excellent…”

Mr & Mrs G, Switzerland
(travelled five times with us in Tibet, China, Central Asia, Bhutan, and Rajasthan—soon heading to South India)

“We got back yesterday from Tibet, and I want you to know that we treasured every moment, from start to finish. Our Tibetan guide and our Tibetan driver were wonderful companions. Every monastery we visited was a beautiful experience; and the clouds even parted long enough in Dingri for us to see Mt. Everest. Most important to me, it was a chance for my family to spend time together, to reconnect, to talk about things that matter, and to share something that we'll each remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you, and everyone on your team, for making it all possible. ”

Jay K and family, USA

“We are all very satisfied with the trip and the arrangements. Some of my friends have on previous trips privately arranged hotels and travel on an ad hoc basis (with the trouble that brings) and were positively surprised how smoothly everything went this time.”

Cai L, Sweden
(travelled four times with Trans Himalaya in Tibet and India)

“The trip was a great success, we have nothing to complain about! Our guides and drivers were very good indeed and very helpful everywhere and spoke good English.
Your Khampa guide and driver both provided a very pleasant stay in the Tibetan area. The day trip to Adong was one of the highlights of the trip. The scenery is magnificent.
We also enjoyed our stay in the Lijaing area and Lake Lugu despite the large number of tourists. The hotels were very good and our guide excellent. Guizhou was also a great success thanks to your local guide and we would highly recommend his services. It is a pity that more foreign tourists do not go there as it is one of the most beautiful provinces of China and well worth visiting The choice of hotels was most appropriate. Thank you for organizing such an interesting trip.”

João NC and Richard N, Portugal
(travelled two times with Trans Himalaya in Tibet and China)

“Thank you for hosting an absolutely wonderful trip---it was fun and informative and challenging. Traveling with you is a unique experience and I am just delighted that you were able to find the time to spend with me, my daughter and granddaughters. As you can well imagine, trips like our recent one are best understood in retrospect. The logistics of moving about and existing in a new and different world are paramount as the trip itself unfolds but it is later, at home, that one can relive and gain perspective on what one saw and did. It was extraordinary and I thank you. ”

Judith VG and family, USA
(traveled three times with Trans Himalaya in Tibet and Ladakh).

“We were delighted with our family trip two years ago and can't thank you enough for the arrangements you made on that occasion. ”

Karma T and family, UK
(traveled two times with Trans Himalaya in Tibet)





The Tibetan plateau, with an area as large as Western Europe, embodies in its landscape, peoples and traditions a tremendous diversity and richness which cannot be assimilated in the course of a fleeting visit.

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Bhutan offers contrasting cultural and trekking experiences, from the mid-mountain belt, where Buddhist monasteries maintain their living traditions, to remote northern valleys nestling below the Great Himalayan range, and the national parks of the subtropical Duars in the south.

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Comprehensive and detailed guides to the cultural sites, festivals, trekking routes, and nature reserves of Tibet and Bhutan. Translations of original sources on Tibetan Buddhism, medicine, art, divination, ecology and lexicography.

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Trans Himalaya and CTHS are committed to highlighting awareness of environmental issues on the Tibetan plateau. While sustainable tourism is championed in Bhutan through the official socio-economic objectives of Gross National Happiness (GNH), elsewhere in the region the issues are more challenging.

For a Buddhist response to the global climate emergency, Read more

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