Bhutan Handbook

by Gyurme Dorje

Footprint Handbooks / Passport Books (first edition, 2004, second edition 2010)


This guide to South Asia’s least known and most mysterious country provides inside information on how to navigate Bhutan's underdeveloped infrastructure, trekking information from the foothills to the highest peaks, a calendar of special events and festivals, as well as detailed cultural information on all the districts and counties of Bhutan. This is a valuable resource which will make your stay in Bhutan unique and memorable.




Comments by: Rudolf Weber
29/10/2005 00:24:12
I have just come back from Bhutan and found the guidebook extremely helpful. It was used as bedtime reading by most members of our group who had brought other guide books with them. The information is comprehensive and amazingly accurate. And the cultural and religious background information helps a lot.

Comments by: Xavier
22/08/2005 08:40:32
Definitely go for it ! It will prove most handy before (planning and learning), during (to catch up on some comments you totally missed or prepare your brains for the visit or tsechu to come the next day) and after the trip (to refresh your failing memory and to plan your next visit).

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